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Getting Around SSH in Coda with a Config File

I’ve been a big fan of Coda the last few years of using it (for non-version controlled projects, having a version of Transmit built into the software has come good time and again). The one rare, problem I’ve picked up using it is it can struggle with projects connecting over SSH, without much documentation for a workaround.

I spent ages sure my fingers must be failing me rather than the tech, mixing and messing with login details until I eventually discovered that you can supersede the settings that are entered in the project bookmark by adding a config file into the .ssh folder with details to match it. After adding that, a quick reboot of the software and Coda should pick it up automatically.

Documented gist of what exactly should match up is below, and a comment-free version (as it should be in the .ssh folder) below that.


So You Want To Be A Web Engineer Recap

Really interesting watch. In parts it was nice to just have a modern take on fundamentals I last read about in books that are getting on 10 years old (I’m looking at you, Advanced CSS Mastery).

On the flip side, looking at reflow on a nano-level, and in depth at rendering objects was totally new. Fundamentals I should have known about before today given my CSS ego – the 0111 way of determining specificity and browsers reading selectors rtl.